March Break at the Castle

A big thank you to everyone for joining us for March Break at Casa Loma. We sold out all four nights.

The evenings were full of personal experiences by guests, a whole lot of EVP’s (voice recordings) being captured and some very cool video footage is starting to surface. It has been great to see folks coming to our Facebook groups and sharing their findings with everyone. Thanks for your participation in the groups.

It seems this week the big trend has been the loss of battery power in certain areas of the castle. The areas are all different and therefore there is nothing natural that we can come to a conclusion of being a problem. It isn’t a consistent occurrence either. Sometimes batteries are dying and staying completely drained. Cell phones are dying completely yet when people leave the castle itself guests are reporting having their cells come back up. Michelle reported on one of the nights her cell died in the castle but came back up when outside. This has happened to her twice yet not the many other times she is there.

I personally had this happen to me when I visited for the Remembrance Day event.  I went with fresh batteries and full charges on everything. Various items died on me so while sitting on the bench in the hall on the 3rd floor I switched batteries around devices just to see if it was a devices that had died. I was most surprised when previously “dead” batteries came back when in my Flip cam.

Round Room - Casa LomaThere was lots of action for CMH staffer, Adriana this week as well. She tells me she was alone in the “Round Room” where all the furniture is original and which contains Sir Henry’s original desk. She had played some Scottish poetry and heard  footsteps moving around the room.  On a separate occasion this week during a sit down in the Austin Room, guest Denise Klock had her video recorder running while Adriana was trying to get the lights turned off in the electrical panel closet. You can see what happened here. 

At this point we still have some spaces left for the Easter long weekend, Thursday March 28th and just a few spots left for March 30th. April dates will be released shortly. 

Have a great week and thanks again for sharing your findings.


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