History, Hauntings & Homework

History is one of our favourite topics – and an integral part in our research. Thanks to the internet, we now have much broader access to historical documents, genealogical charts, eyewitness accounts, photographs and much more from around the world and from many different eras. Many documents that once would take a trip to dusty old municipal basements – if they could be found at all – are now just a click or two away.

Of course, “if it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it”? Well, just because it’s available, doesn’t always make it easy to find…and often just as difficult to verify it’s authenticity! We check and double check our information; no mater how, or from where, it originates.

Hauntings are one of the most talked about “phenomenons” in the world – and one of the most controversial. Verifying something so ethereal as spirits/ghosts/energy/etc. is never a simple task; nor is it a task accomplished with one simple solution. We employ the latest electronic gear alongside one of the oldest means of Spiritual Communication – Mediums. This, at the very least, gives us several angles to view an investigation from – and allows us to form a much more accurate picture of what is going on in any location. Of course the common human sense of sight, sound, scent, touch…all can be trained to their best abilities to be more effective in any type of investigation.

All of this means we must constantly keep on top of both our personal skills and our tools – constantly studying, researching, upgrading and (most importantly) listening…many a clue to a successful result in any investigation was collected simply by applying an exceptional skill of listening!

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