CMH and The Wonder Box/Portal Plus

  We have been getting many messages on Facebook in respect to The Wonder Box/ Portal Plus ever since Michelle has been seen using it on Paranormal Profilers. She thought it would be easier to post here as opposed to addressing the multitude of messages.

CMH prides itself on keeping up with the latest equipment, and this piece is one of the newest additions to the arsenal.

The Portal was created by Steve Huff.  Wether you love him or hate him, this is one impressive piece of equipment. With that being said, one cannot lose sight of what it actually is, which is an amplifier. It’s not a magic box, but WOW….it is really something.  There are many Apps designed to work with it, or you can use any existing Ghost Box or talking device with it ( even police scanners are said to work with it). Michelle prefers to use her Ghost Box with it, and finds that it eliminates at least half of the background/white noise which in turn makes the voices more audible. What makes this more exciting to use, is the different features. Michelle tends to lean on the Reverse Mode feature and explains why . “It’s like playing an old LP backwards, everything is jumbled and mixed up. All of  a sudden words are coming in completely clear.  The theory is that the spirit will reverse or manipulate the words to be understood.”  From what we understand, Mr. Huff only ever built twelve of these units, and CMH has one of them. We believe it to be the only one in Canada for the moment, and he is not expected to build anymore anytime soon.

Like all pieces of equipment, The Portal must be taken with a grain of salt. Its all perception and common sense must always prevail.  This piece however has validated many facts and answered several questions.  Its currently being used mostly for film projects, and may eventually be intergraded into the investigations.

We hope this answers many of you questions.

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