CASA LOMA update

Over the past few months we have had many emails and Facebook messages in respect to Casa Loma!

As many of you know, the Castle is under new management as of January 2014.  Liberty Entertainment has many new and exciting plans for the location, and many of the programs were cancelled in order to support these changes.  They have made the decision to get away from the building’s ghostly stigma, a decision that CMH respects.

The Castle is still open to guests during the day, 7 days a week, and I strongly encourage a visit to this beautiful and historic location.

We would still love to hear about any experiences that you may have when visiting!  Please remember, that a haunting takes place 24-7, not just at night.

We were sad to see this popular program come to an end, but we are excited to see where Liberty will take this magnificent location!  We have a good rapore with Liberty and wish them all the best with their plans.

We are still being asked to do interviews about the Castle and it’s ghostly inhabitants, and are happy to comply, but on site filming is not an option.


CASA LOMA update — 2 Comments

  1. “Getting away from the ghostly Stigma”, it’s a castle, get a grip. How very short sighted, narrow minded….and not too terribly bright when it comes to business. Good luck with that.

    • agree with you 100%, but remember that I am only the messenger here…..all program were cancelled, and there were many disappointed people!