Blythewood Manor, Home to Canada’s Most Haunted

Author Wayne Mallows

More News for CMH.

Blythewood Manor is the Home of Wayne Mallows, Author of The Vampyre Tales, AND a Team Member of Canada’s Most Haunted.  What many people do not know, is that Blythewood is very haunted. Michelle has spent the last couple of years working with Wayne on restoring Blythewood by adding many fine furnishings and accents to bring it back to it’s original glory.  CMH has filmed there several times, and decided to make Blythewood it’s home away from home.  Blythewood is now regularly used for research, equipment testing, and of course film and interviews.

We have allowed several magazine shoots to take place here as well.  We think the Spirits enjoy participating in the different events as they become very interactive.

The house is on many local sightseeing tours, and has been seen on television so many times now, that people have started to wander onto the property thinking it’s a movie set.

Disclaimer: To anyone reading, NO it’s not a set or facade, it’s actually a home, so please refrain from just wandering in.

Blythewood is copyrighted under Canada’s Most Haunted.


Blythewood Manor, Home to Canada’s Most Haunted — 2 Comments

    • Hi Wendy….Sadly no it is no longer at B&B . After lengthy conversations it was decided to use it for film and other media avenues. This has allowed Wayne to enjoy it more as a home. 🙂

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